Our Services

Our Services

Traditional Worship, Contemporary Worship, Church Bells, Holy Communion.

Traditional Worship

Bethlehem Lutheran offers a traditional form of worship every Sunday except for the month of August. From September through July, we worship at 10:00 AM except for the last Sunday of the month when we worship at 8:00 AM. All of our worship is projected on a large screen in the sanctuary. During the month of August we participate in a Mission Festival with three other churches, the second Sunday of the month is held here at Bethlehem at 10:00 AM.

Our traditional worship service relies on the Lutheran tradition of liturgical worship and is accompanied primarily by the organ. The four major components of worship are Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending. We gather together as a community of faith through confession and forgiveness or a call to worship, sing a traditional hymn, pray and chant the opening liturgy (Kyrie and Hymn of Praise). We listen to God’s Word through the reading of and listening to the Holy Scriptures, singing of the Hymn of the Day, listening to the Children’s Sermon with Puppet Ministry on week three, we listen to the Sermon, and confess the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed. We share the meal and celebrate the Holy Communion every Sunday. We are then sent with prayers for the people, the Lord’s Prayer and a Sending Hymn. We are sent back out into the world to serve Jesus in our everyday lives.

Contemporary Worship

Bethlehem Lutheran offers a contemporary worship service on the last Sunday of the month at 10:00 AM. This service follows the same liturgical pattern as the traditional worship service (Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending). This service is contemporary in that it utilizes contemporary language and music. Worship is lead by a praise team consisting of a keyboard, electric guitars, drums, and vocalists. Again, all of the worship is projected on a large screen in the sanctuary.

Church Bell – the bell is tolled at the beginning of each worship service as a call to those in the community that worship is starting. Additionally, the bell is tolled five times during the Lord’s Prayer The bell is also tolled at the death of a member and is tolled for the number of years of life.

Holy Communion – When this meal is celebrated we are reminded that this is not the pastor’s table and not the community’s table. It is Jesus’ table. Jesus invites us to come and be fed by the bread and wine which are his body and blood given for the forgiveness of sin. Jesus is the one who has redeemed us and places us back into a right relationship with God and with one another. All are welcome at the Lord ’s Table because God’s gifts are free. Children and young adults who have not received first communion are invited to come forward to receive a blessing.